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Bestselling author & executive coach Arif Anis is a globally celebrated speaker who has trained heads of states, chief executives, movie stars, members of parliament and Olympic athletes in the art of influence, non-verbal excellence and executive presence. Anis is fellow of the RSA & the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM). He has led educational, training & consulting projects for participants from the top FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies. Anis is a sought-after speaker at top universities worldwide on personal excellence, leadership, mindset and relationship. He has received several awards including the Brian Tracy Award of Excellence in 2017.

“I am son of a shepherd born in the most Godforsaken place who rose against the odds to be a celebrated trainer, coach, psychotherapist and author. For more than 15 years I have advised thousands of people on how to enhance the quality of their lives, relationships and outcomes. In my pursuit of excellence, I have shared stage with the global leaders, celebrated business gurus & coaches including President Donald Trump, President Bill Clinton, Tony Robbins, Daniel Goleman, Richard Bandler, Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki, Paul McKenna, Tony Buzan, Brendon Burchard, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, James Caan and many others.”

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Arif Anis is an acclaimed writer and storyteller. His first book ‘Follow Your Dreams’ was published at the turn of the millennium when he was in the last year of university. The book featured some of the most successful men and women and their amazing stories, habits and patterns, describing how they managed to live the life they dreamt against the heavy odds. His much talked about second book I’MPOSSIBLE’ targeted the mindset and belief system focusing on achieving a winner’s attitude. ‘The Man in the Arena’ is his latest book written with the idea to lift up one’s soul when facing the heart wrenching challenges. It describes the traits and characteristics of those daring men and women Arif calls ‘TribeX’ who are leaving their footprint in the sands of time. ‘The New Psychology of Love’ is a DVD series co-presented with Alexandra Truta that offers a light-hearted and unconventional perspective of love and uses a psychological lens to examine its many, many dimensions.

“Arif Anis Wins Brian Tracy International Award
of Excellence in June 2017”

@ Business 2017 in London
Kristiane Backer

Arif and I have shared stage at few occasions and I have seen him speaking, engaging and inspiring the audience. He is someone who believes in following his dreams and supporting others along the way. He is enchanting, captivating, brilliantly funny, tenderly charming, heartfelt, genuine, sincere and poignantly authentic and yet he delivers a powerful message. He is a man with a purpose and it is so heartening seeing him living that purpose.

Kristiane Backer

Former MTV Europe Presenter & Author of ‘From MTV to Mecca’
Vanessa O’Brien

It is an amazing experience seeing Arif in action. We have done the Women Achievers Congress where the British Prime Minister Theresa May was the keynote and then the CEO Conference with top leaders and chief executives. His message is entertaining, high energy, challenging, engaging, motivational, thought provoking, and behaviour changing. Arif leaves an incredibly uplifting impact on his audiences. He has the amazing ability to connect with many people at the same time enabling them to embark on a journey of mindfulness and transformation.

Vanessa O’Brien

Guinness World Record holder and First British & American Woman to Conquer K2
Tony Buzan

Arif is one of the most resilient, determined and persistent speaker in the field of personal development that I have met in my life. He is more walk than talk. He means business and he delivers. He is also an extremely intelligent warrior of global mental literacy who takes on dauting tasks and challenges. He is a great storyteller who know how to inspire readers and listeners to their best. He is ‘the teacher’ who lives by the principles and manages to outdo himself in quest for excellence.

Tony Buzan

Multimillion Bestselling Author, Inventor of Mindmapping & Named as One of the World’s Top 5 Speakers by Forbes magazine
Jack Canfield

Arif is an incredible story of dreams over desperation, passion over pain and purpose over pessimism. He is a living proof of following one’s heart and creating possibilities out of nothing. He has not only managed to turn around his life but inspired scores of lives to change for better. Arif produces great results through his mentoring, coaching and speaking sessions. When it comes to his inspirational book – get them fast. Don’t walk – Run.

Jack Canfield

The Teacher from ‘The Secret’, New York Times Bestselling Author & co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series which sold over 500 million copies in over 40 languages
Brian Tracy

Arif Anis has created world’s most comprehensive training programmes for authors, speakers, coaches, leaders and people in the wellness industry. He is an international coach who has shared stage with several global icons and inspired and mentored a whole generation of leaders. He is a gifted writer and a speaker. I have spoken to more than 5 million people in 70 countries over a 30-year career in professional speaking and writing. I have produced 70 books that have been published in as many as 38 languages. It is very difficult to one thing that you do that will lead to your success. However, if you follow the principles in Arif’s teachings and books, you dramatically increase the likelihood of your success in your life, relationship, business and career.

Brian Tracy

Legendary American Speaker & New York Times Bestselling Author & Guru of Sales & Marketing

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